Tuesday 24 April 2012

Personalised Android Weather App

Android users love Weather Apps so they'll absolutely adore PixWeather Update. Which brings a really unique and refreshing idea for a weather app to Google Play.

Other apps are happy to show you a generic picture, perhaps nicely animated if you're lucky, of Sunny conditions, rain or whatever else your local weather is doing. Bland, boring and humdrum. Because let's face it: You're an Android User because you love the way that Android can be personalised. And that's what PixWeather Update is all about: Personalising your Weather Forecast for your Android Phone.

Using Google Weather Forecast to see whether to expect rain, or sun or sleet or whatever else may come your way. The clever little weather app allows you to tag one of your own pictures with a "weather tag" . So if you're expecting snow tomorrow , then guess what PixWeather shows you your own personalised picture of you in the Swiss Alps, or perhaps making Snowmen in the garden with the kids. Or whatever personalised picture for the cold you want. Sunny Weather tomorrow? Well isn't it appropriate that your weather app is showing you your sunny holiday abroad?

Clever, personalised and a great idea for really making a weather app have real and individual meaning for you:
Download PixWeather Update from Google Play
or PixWeather on Handster
The very personal Android Weather App is also available on 
Amazon App Store
and Android Pit

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