Monday 23 April 2012

ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary App for iPad and iPhone

ZX Spectrum Fans revelling in the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the ZX Spectrum's launch can now enjoy their favourite Spectrum games on iPad and iPhone. Today (23 April) Sir Clive Sinclair released the humble Speccy onto the World. With a nostalgic lump in my throat I remember reading the original 8 bit gaming mags "Crash" and Sinclair User. So I'm sure that you'll be as excited as me to find that Elite Systems has released a bumper pack of the 100 greatest Spectrum games for iOS.

100 Greatest Spectrum Games for iPad and iPhone: Press Release


Track-list Confirmed

Release To Coincide With 30th Anniversary Of Launch Of Sinclair ZX Spectrum 23rd April, 1982 – 23rd April, 2012

Sensational New Release Pricing – 20th-27th April Only          All 100 Games For £5.99 (iPhone/Touch) £8.99 (iPad)

Following its announcement  of the iOS Apps, Elite Systems, the long established UK based developer and electronic publisher of games for portable, mobile and other devices has confirmed the full track-list.

The full track-list of the Apps is:

Elite Pack #1 - Chuckie Egg, Buggy Boy, Turbo Esprit, Saboteur!
Elite Pack #2 - Roller Coaster, Beyond Ice Palace, Saboteur II, Batty
Software Projects Pack #1 - Manic Miner, Astronut, Orion, Thrusta
Software Projects Pack #2 - Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy II, Push Off, Hysteria
Gremlin Pack #1 - Wanted Monty, Monty On the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Moley Christmas
Gremlin Pack #2 - Jack The Nipper, Jack The Nipper II, Avenger, Krakout
Palace Pack #1 - Barbarian, Cauldron, Crazy Cars, Secret Armor Of Antiriad
Palace Pack #2 - Barbarian II, Cauldron II, Crazy Cars II, Extreme
Alternative Software Pack #1 - Skool Daze, Hideous, Eliminator, Dead or Alive
Alternative Software Pack #2 - Back To Skool, Confuzion, Slug, Revolver
Cronosoft Pack #1 - Splattr, Stranded 2.5, W*H*B, Treasure Trove
Cronosoft Pack #2 - Gamex, SlubberDegullion, Egghead 4, Egghead 5
Hewson Pack #1 - Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, Nebulus
Hewson Pack #2 - Cybernoid II, Rana Rama, Dragontorc, Avalon
Vortex Software Pack #1 - TLL, Deflektor, Highway Encounter, Android One
Vortex Software Pack #2 - Cyclone, Android II, Revolution, Alien Highway
New Generation Software Pack - Trashman, Trashman II, Genon, Escape
Mikro-Gen Pack - Pyjamarama, Everyone’s A Wally, Automania, Frost Byte
Julian Gollop Pack - Chaos, Lords of Chaos, Laser Squad, Rebelstar
Steve Crow Pack - Starquake, Firelord, Wizards lair, Laser Snaker
Odin Computer Graphics Pack - Nodes Of Yesod, Arc Of Yesod, Heartland, Robin Of The Wood
Nexus Pack - Earthlight, Micronaut One, Firestorm, Nexus
Data East Pack - Midnight Resistance, Dragon Ninja, Sly Spy, Express Raider
Audiogenic Pack - Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Exterminator, Helter Skelter, Impact
            Durrel Pack - Critical Mass, Fatworm Blows A Sparky, Scuba Dive, Thanatos

All of these legendary Spectrum games are now on the Appstore and for a really good price. That's definitely the best way to celebrate a great anniversary for an 8 bit gaming legend.

How to find Spectrum Games for iPad and iPhone
 If you’re looking for the definitive ZX Spectrum app, to which new games are added every other month or so, then search for “ZX” at the iTunes App Store and then select either ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection’ (for iPhone/Touch) or ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD’ (for iPad).

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  1. Well I still has all my Spectrum stuff left and over 800 games to it. one 48k still working 100% and some other has the keyboard broken.
    Did play some on it for about 2 years ago.
    Maybe time to dust it off again.
    But the true fact is that none emulator do work good. Often is the sound is wrong or the color.



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