Sunday 8 April 2012

i-Logic Crimes now on iPad and iPhone in English:Review

i-Logic crimes Review. iPad detective app
Hands up if you've heard of the top selling iPad detective game i-Logic Crimes. Chances are if you're not German or Austrian that you might not have. But rejoice if you're already a fan of i-Logic Crimes and have been waiting for the top selling crime app of the Austrian and German app stores to make it onto your English iPhones and iPads. Gametrender was lucky enough to pick up a promo code for the app and we have quickly play tested it to bring you a review for what we think could be a genre defining detective game on iOS.
i-Logic Crimes Review

Last night we hyped the English translation release and we're glad we have as the who dunnit app lives up to all our expectations. Graphics are slick and well presented with a host of quirky characters, some quite hilarious. It's as if the classic Cluedo characters have undergone a 2012 makeover and been redesigned to be stars in a typical Big Brother Household! Bikini Model Bella Baywotch and marriage swindler Scott Gigolo being just 2 of the twenty fantastic characters.

Scenarios are plentiful too (7 crime scenes on the iPad app), with initial crime scenes ranging from deranged restaurant poisoners to cyber crime scenes to stolen dogs to (again in a modern reference to Cluedo I think-a stately Catsle/Manor Home). 

The gameplay is very immersive with clues being ticked off of a list to decide on a suspect. Suspects can be questioned and interrogated and by a process of deduction you can find the culprit. It's very cleverly done with logic being the prevailing force behind you finding your criminal. As the various scenarios unfold so does the difficulty ramp up. The way the difficulty increases is by far the most realistic manner I've seen in a detective game, clues and questions increase in magnitude and difficulty the more into the crime scene app you get.
Another fantastic touch is the way that the app varies the crime scene. There are a multitude of combinations for crimes. As an example on my first playthrough I was quite delighted to find that my detective was a seductive temptress, when I restarted the scene the addled old scientist had become the main lead and rather than the millionaire heiress being the criminal it was now the surfer dude. Immense and hilarious replayability.
The developers say that it is a quick logic adventure and a new form of brain training. I couldn't agree more and my brain was certainly in a spin after just one scene.

As a downside the detective game can get quite hard, but that's all part of the fun. The user interface is very good, but a tutorial playthrough is recommended. 
Game blurb is seldom truthful but I would 100 percent agree with the developers summation of their crime game:
"an exciting and demanding BRAIN-GAME, that combines brainteasers with a detective adventure. The game targets specially riddle-, puzzle- and logic-deduction fans, hobby detectives and crime dinner friends. It is a new way of mental exercise and users like the new gaming idea!"

The closest non app analogue I can think to this brilliant detective app is the aforementioned Cluedo, but it really is so much more. It is absolutely no surprise that this game has done so well in the German appstore and I fully expect the success to be carried on in any and every appstore it sees itself released onto.

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