Monday 9 April 2012

Making money with your Android Phone

Angel Android income system
Android phones are quickly gaining a reputation for having some of the most business savvy apps available for Smartphones today. It is surprisingly easy to find apps for making money, marketing, and business advertising on Google Play.

One of our sponsors has just released an app: Guardian Angel Income System which really opens up a lot of doors to financial investing with your Android phone.

Cleverly the app is also a new breed of Android business apps which make it very easy and convenient for handy services like the Guardian Angel Income system to advertise their business and products via the medium of apk files.

The open eco system of Android and its various iterations make it very easy for small (and large) businesses to bring their ideas and messages to the Smartphone owning demographic. Unlike the tightly controlled Apple App Store where it is extremely difficult for small and indie developers to have their apps published the Linux based Android embraces any and all efforts.

So if you want or need a solid app for increasing your wealth and are lucky enough to be an Android owner then pop on over to the Guardian Angel Income System website and see what they have to offer. 

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