Sunday 8 April 2012

Rare Speechtrans Ultimate review :Translates Writing and Voice in over 15 Languages

     Ever wished you could understand another language whether it was a friend, a student, or a stranger?
Speechtrans Ultimate may be the smartphone translation app for you. It is available for both Androids and Iphones. Not only does it translate your voice quite accurately into words, it also reads what language you want it to translate to. Input your voice (55 second limit) or text in one language and have the app write and say it in another language. The 55 second limit recording time should be enough for most uses. You may even copy text from other apps and place them into the program for translation. There's choices from:
EU French,
Canadian French,
Spanish (EU, US, MX),
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese),
Outputs also include
Arabic, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Haitian Creole, Hungarian, Turkish.

     Detailed reviews of this app is hard to find. This may be the most informative summary of the app(and it's missing testing of a lot of features). Some of the user reviews from GooglePlay have indicated that the smartphone app have saved a persons life, helped them out in a foreign language class, and allowed them to speak with strangers from other countries. Although I can't vouch for the integrity of those reviews, I think it's certainly possible for those review to be honest and true. There are some negative user reviews based on the permissions that the application asks to use. You also need Edge/3G/Wifi/4G or possibly an LTE connection during use of the application, except when using it for previous recordings because the recordings are kept in memory. Having that capability can be very convenient. . 
Quicky and Easy to get Translations

     The free version allows one session of use with the voice recording. After that you will have to download other apps to accumulate hours of use for Speechtrans Ultimate. After the trial runs out you may still have the software read your text in the accent of the chosen language, but it doesn't translate anymore. With the purchased version, Speechtrans Pro, you get Free Lifetime Updates to new languages. That's a really nice perk. I've only tried the app once and it was with trying English to English and English to Japanese. Although I don't speak Japanese, I've watched a lot of Japanese dubbed Anime. In my opinion the Japanese sounded a bit unclear. I haven't experimented with that many voice regonition apps, but this certainly did work way better than expected. A few of my words were guessed incorrectly by the program, but what voice recognition software doesn't have that problem? The misses were far less than my experiences with other voice applications.  I can definitely imagine the usefulness of this app during travels(if you are in an area with Wifi). I haven't been able to test out the facebook feature, almost instant translation during a conversation feature(Interprephone feature), or sms translations that some user reviews have reported. The app costs $9.99 a month, or $41.94 for 6 months (averages $6.99 a month), or $59.88 for a 1 year subscription ($4.99/month). If you're looking for an Android translator with multiple features and are in need of a professional translation service on a subscription basis then SpeechTrans might be what you are looking for.


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