Tuesday 3 April 2012

iPad games for Real Gamers, Console Quality iPad games?

Ipad games for real gamers: Console Like games on iPad
Having bought an Ipad you're obviously aware of its capabilities and of the app store that has literally
millions of apps and games for download. However if you're a true gamer, a hardcore gamer , you want to be able to play proper games on your Ipad. Not just casual type games that last a few minutes but hardcore length games that inspire hardcore gaming sessions . We've searched out some of the more hardcore and console quality games on the appstore, so if you think you're a proper gamer wanting that little bit more from your iPad then read on. We're not promising Xbox 360 console quality gaming for your iPad , but what we have here are some of the finer and more in-depth games to grace the appstore.

Best Hardcore Games for iPad
Battle for Wesnoth
Hardcore tactics game for iPad.This could take months of solid gaming to complete.

Civilization like game which is just perfect for the iPad's screen. Expansion , domestic development and
science research must all be balanced in this country management simulation.

Galaxy On Fire 2
Fans of Elite and other Space Trading games will love this in-depth sci-fi Opera which boasts great graphics,
diplomacy, space battles and some slick controls.

Dead Space
EA has excelled with porting this console classic to the iPad. Best played with headphones to make the most of the creepy soundtarck, the iOS port is every bit as demanding and scary as its big cousin. I've played the
mobile version of Dead Space on my Android Phone, but the actual experience of playing on the larger iPad
screen is so very, very close to a console quality title.

Grand Theft Auto
Both ChinaTown Wars and GTA 3 are worth checking out and play exactly as well as you'd expect them too.

Battle Heart
Really fitting graphics, a host of RPG type characters, upgradeable weapons, armour and magic make the finely balanced and extremely fun Battleheart a true iPad hardcore gamer's dream come true .

Danmaku Unlimited
The iPad's near 10 inch screen is perfect for a bullet hell scrolling shooter and Danmaku Unlimited really
excells in it's "Bullet Hell" criteria with frantic onscreen action and a superfast pace.

Infinity Blade 1 and 2
While the Infinity Blade series doesn't really have the true depth of an elaborate PC title the sheer
playability and what is regarded as the best graphics on iPad (we can't wait to see how good Blade will look
on the new iPad's retina display) really make this a very console like title.

Rage HD
Based on the hit Id game the graphics and pace of this iPad post-apocalyptic FPS really show how good these types of game can be for Apple's device.
Other Console Like Title for Ipad Hardcore gamers:
Devil May Cry Refrain
The Sims Medieval
World of Goo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
Batman Arkham Cuty Lockdown
Dungeon Defenders
Anomaly Warzone Earth

I'm sure there's many more hardcore games out there for iPad, so if your'e a serious gamer who wants a quality Console like experience for your new iPad , then start by checking these out and please add to the
list in the comments section if your favourite iPad hardcore title is missing.


  1. What about Shadowgun and also Mass Effect? Don't you think they deserve to be in the list as well? And yea, Max Payne Mobile!

  2. Agreed! They hadn't come out when I wrote this, so keep the comments coming so we can get a definitive list of best iPad console like games. Do you think the new Burnout Crash game is good enough to be seen as a console style game?

  3. And now we can add Horn to that list too

    1. Wildblood by Gameloft has just been released. As Gamelofts first Unreal 3 powered game for IPad it is visually stunning and more than deserves a place on a list of console like IPad games.

  4. whats up with Rock&Boulder?? I love it... its so fun :(


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