Thursday 12 April 2012

Marvel Comics and DC comics on your Smartphones

      Love your Android or iPhone? Love Superheroes? Well let's find out about reading Marvel and DC Comics on Android and iPhone! Do you have a favorite superhero or more? Chances are one of them is from Marvel Comics or DC Comics. DC characters from the Justice League include Superman, Batman, and the Green Lantern. From Marvel you have the Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Good news, Marvel and DC comics have applications that are available on your Android(most likely for iphones too). I was never a comic reader, but I did love the animation adaptations of X-Men:The Animated Series and Spider-Man from Fox Kids in the 90‘s. Post 2000 shows would include the Justice League and the Teen Titans.
I'll Let the pictures do some speaking
Pictures taken from Google Play
     Free Comics on your Android phone
 There aren’t many free comics to download and read on your Android phone, but just enough to get a taste. My favorite FREE READ was “Avengers vs. X-Men”. Oh man, the nostalgia I got from reading that one. Wolverine is awesome. There is a Blacklist, which contains lists on each character that are important comic issues/prints that really go over or tells you the story for the character. Many of the comics may be downloaded for $0.99 or $1.99.

     How to use Comic/ Graphic Novel Readers on your Android/iPhone
 Reading comics from these comic apps on your Android (iPhone?) are easy and similar to each other. The apps do a great job of moving you from bubble to bubble while concentrating the screen on what you’re suppose to notice. In a way, this is sometimes better than reading the comics because it shows you where you are suppose to focus on. IT IS ALMOST LIKE WATCHING SCENES  OF THE ANIMATED HEROES on your phone! Your screen acts like it’s divided into three vertical buttons. Touch the left section of the screen to go back a page or scene, and touch the right to go forward to the next page or scene. Touch the middle section and the settings pop up. You may delete downloaded articles by going to “manage” and then HOLD onto that comic for 1 or 2 seconds.  To jump to a specific page, you can go to the menu and quickly scroll to the page you want.

      How to Troubleshoot Problems and Issues with Comic Readers on Android
Once in a while the app goes loco and treats the whole screen like the settings button. When this happens you may just exit the app and come back. This should take you back to the page that you were just on, so no biggie. I found myself wanting a bigger screen (than 4 inches) sometimes. And most free comics were very short. For example they ended before even getting interesting. But those were free and included quite a few introductions to the DC superheroes. Another minor issue I had while using the “Search" function on the app with my phone. After pressing the enter button during a search, it sometimes looks like nothing happened. Indeed the search was done, but you needed to Return back, or close the keyboard to see the part of the screen that shows the results. I haven’t tested that apps on other phones so these may just be native glitches for the Sony Xperia Play.

      How big are file downloads for Graphic Novels on Smartphones?
Most comic downloads ranged from 10MB to 25MB of required memory space.

Have your say in the comments: Who is the best Superheroe to read on your Android Phone?
 For those of you who may like Hellboy from Dark Horse, fear not for they also have an app.  There are plenty more of comics available on those apps. I only named the big shots. I'm not going to debate who's the best superhero or who can beat who. For you diehard comic readers, I’m sure you’ll want to check these apps out if you haven’t already.


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