Thursday 26 April 2012

Talking Car App To brighten up your child's day

Talking Car App: Talking Car Zippy
The Appstore has no shortage of Talking Friends Apps, so to stand out as a talking character app you have to have something unique and special.
Talking Car Zippy
The cute talking character app is the only talking car app that we have been able to find on the Appstore. When we were pointed in Zippy's direction and told that he's probably  unique as being the sole app of his type on Itunes , we were prepared to be disappointed if "Talking Car Zippy" didn't live up to expectations.
He does! (and the talking app is free at this time which is also a bonus!)

Why your child will love this Talking Character App
When my little boy went into hospital with pneumonia a few months ago one of the only toys he had with him was his little Roary the racing Car. Roary and Lighntning McQueen and other famous cars have always touched a heart string with kids and adults alike. Zippy immediately reminded me of my son's love of cars and it's pleasing to see that the animations and cute drawings used to bring this app to life are very appealing to him too. Of course, as nice as the animations of Zippy are, if you couldn't do anything with him it would be a waste. Well there's plenty to do in this car app and it's all executed at just the right loveable level for a child and easily amused adult!

Talking Car Zippy is very interactive and can be played with in a variety of ways. The car responds in different ways to voice and gestures-such as when you talk to him and he  will talk back in his own hilarious voice. Zippy can be touched , poked and prodded with a variety of different reactions occuring. Don't be too obnoxious to the little car though as he'll soon let you know!

The well animated and entertaining app is a delight for young and old. Naturally youngsters will get the most out of the talking car app, but young at heart adults will also be amused by the level of Zippy's interactivity.
Download TALKING CAR ZIPPY from the Appstore. The Talking Car app is free!

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