Saturday 21 April 2012

Why Tablet Gaming is beating Console Gaming

I used to be, and am still in many ways a console gaming fan. My current weapon of choice is an Xbox 360, but I've gone through Snes (or Famicom as my pirated console version was known); Playstation 1 and Playstation 2. Luckily nostalgia wise with emulators I'm able to still play most, if not all the classic games from my gaming youth on my Xperia Play phone. 
So credentials established it's clear that I'm a gamer, now with a little bit of detective work you could probably roughly establish that I'm at least in my mid-twenties from the fact that I first began to console game on the SNES (I've also gamed on Atari; Spectrum 48 K and MSX, but they're not consoles so I'm not going to count them on my console hall of fame). So why would a man in his mid-twenties to somewhere in his 30's give up on a lifelong console gaming hobby? Well I'm not I still love consoles and like many others recent conquests have been the inimitable Skyrim amongst others and right now tablet gaming still has a bit to go before consoles are superseded. 
However I'm strongly of the opinion recently that consoles are a dying breed, and that possible at most there's only going to be one more generation of consoles. Wii-U ; Xbox 720; PlayStation 4 at most that's your lot.
Why do I think this? Well despite being a Fandroid (that's a fan of Android phones) I've recently acquired an iPad (not the new one that'll be soon ,trust me) and it's just become a whole new way of gaming. Why I asked you to do the detective work is because you could probably guess as my average game group demographic shows that I'm a family man, and as I'm indulging in a fairly expensive hobby I've got to get the funding from somewhere and so   I've also got a fulltime job. So I'm cash rich but time poor as so many other gamers past their mid-twenties are. The iPad with it's pick up and play everywhere capability, whether it be on the bog or lying in bed on a comfy mattress  just makes so much more sense to someone like me.
Now that gaming companies have started to take tablet gaming seriously we're also starting to see some top titles coming out. I've also got the ability to play my iPad games on the TV when I want thanks to streaming technology, and more importantly can carry on that same gaming on my iPad in a second and give the Tv up for SpongeBob or whatever the kids want to watch. 
Is the iPad powerful enough to play Skyrim on though! Using my current favourite console game as an example, in some ways thanks to Onlive , Yes (assuming a NASA strength broadband) in other ways current tablets still don't have that gaming oomph. But as my recent article on console style games for the iPad shows we're almost there. not quite but almost.
So which next generation console is the best ?
Consoles-one shot wonders that play games damned well, the next generation of tablets (and of note is the rapid progression of tablets-nowadays a console generation seems to be about 5 years plus, new tablets seem to be coming out with new, better faster processors every 6 months, especially thanks to Android and iOS being in a tablet small arms race) can do it all and more. 
That's why consoles are soon doomed!
What do you think?

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