Monday 9 April 2012

Tribez for iPad Hints; Tips and Guide

Tribez: iPad advice,tips and secrets
Tribez is going to be massive and rightly so. As Tribez on iPad gains increasing downloads and popularity we at Gametrender feel it our moral responsibility to bring you some hints , tips and advice in our handy Tribez guide.

Getting Items in Tribez
Are you having difficulty finding certain items in the hit iPad  game? Here's how to get those Tribez items: Firstly check the quest descriptions. That should set you off on the right track to find the item. Still haven't found it? Then have a handy hint by using the "Find" button. Of course bear in mind that just as in other popular games of this type some items are rarer and drop less often than others. So persevere and you'll get the drops you need!

Constructing Buildings in Tribez
You can't just build up your civilization from nowhere you know! Despite the villagers thinking you have messianic powers you've still got to conform to basic Tribez guidelines. And one of those guidelines is that you can only place your buildings on cleared areas. Look out for the green outline showing that a building can be placed. That means that it must be cleared of other items like trees and debris first.

Getting more Villagers in Tribez
The popular civilization builder by GameInsight places your character in a powerful position as being a time traveller the villagers of those past times really do think that you're something special. That's a good thing, right? Of course it is, so you're going to want to get even more Tribez villagers to worship you don't you: Here's how to obtain more villagers: Construction is of course of paramount importance to this type of game and one of the most valuable buildings in Tribez is the humble House. Build loads of houses and soon your villagers/worshippers will increase exponentially. 

Quests in Tribez
The amount of varied quests in this game is what really sets it apart from other "builder" type games. Quests can vary from finding hidden treasures to saving your civilization from enemy forces. Quests like so much else in the game are dependent on progressing your society. Quite simply the larger you grow your village the more quests you'll get.

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