Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Trunky Fishing- The little educational Elephant returns in a great Kid's educational app

fun ipad educational app for kids
Now available in English,we first were introduced to Trunky Fishing when the kids educational app was released onto the AppStore in the Danish version. Trunky Fishing was very enjoyable in the Danish version and despite being an app in a foreign tongue the kids still enjoyed it immensely. Now with the English version of the App released the kids are not only continuing to enjoy Trunky Fishing but are learning with the gorgeous and fun IPad app too! We've covered Trunky in his various AppStore appearances a few times here on Gametrender ,the new app is every bit as good as his other educational games, find the review for the Danish version here on Gametrender and expect just as much from the English version.
Download Trunky Fishing


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