Friday 4 May 2012

Popular Flash Game: Pandemic now on iOs

Wannabe megalomaniac; mad scientist types rejoice, you've now got even more ways to destroy the world using your iPhone ! 
Pandemic 2.5
Pandemic 2.5 has now been released on the AppStore and is going to be even more of a hit than its older brother Pandemic, thanks to some very sweet touch screen controls and excellent optimisation for IPads and iPhones. 
So what is Pandemic 2.5? Feast your eyes on the infect 'em ups Press Release and then let your inner World dominator free! Pandemic 2.5 Release is Here! Villains and mad scientists rejoice: end of world is near! Vancouver, May 2nd, 2012 - Greetings all evil-doers, criminal masterminds, villains and filth! Get your henchmen ready, enslave some scientists and dust off your chemistry sets for as of today, the fate of all mankind is at your mercy.
 From the bowels of indie game company Dark Realm Studios the announcement has gone out: Pandemic 2.5 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store for a measly $0.99 for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches! Just what is Pandemic 2.5 all about you ask? Well, one could describe it as a greatly expanded and refined update to the popular flash game, Pandemic 2. But it goes far beyond that, as detailed below. The big features: Design your own disease: select from one of three available disease classes (bacterial, viral or parasitic) each with their own unique strengths and then customize your disease by splicing in specific genes to form your own strategy for exterminating the human race. 
 Infect the world: operate below the radar to outmaneuver governments and infect all 33 regions like The United States, Australia and more before officials make use of quarantines, curfews, martial law and other operations designed to combat the spread of your disease. Adapt to your surroundings: regions have real-world seasonal climates that can inhibit the spread of your disease. Hospitals rely heavily upon drugs for curing patients and scientists will be more than happy to develop a vaccine to your disease. Be opportunistic: take advantage of disasters as they strike to help the spread of your disease. You’d be surprised at how effective a riot can be at spreading a hemorrhagic disease. Earn your status in the community: earn achievements and compete with friends to secure your place on leaderboards courtesy of Game Center.
 We'll be publishing a full review of this glorious infect 'em up soon. Review now published Pandemic 2.5 best Infect 'em up?

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