Monday 11 June 2012

App Tv Crossovers: Million Pound Drop Free App

Jumping straight to the top of the Free IPad Charts is quite a feat , however with a big name behind your app one could almost guarantee success. Logging on to the AppStore tonight we were quite delighted to find that the app "Million Pound Drop Live" is already at number one for June 2012 in Apple's AppStore. I say already because we're very much on the pulse of apps here at Gametrender and being addicted to apps constantly check the app store for its new , best and free apps. The Million Pound Drop app has stormed the charts from nowhere and we can only think that because the Uk based Cat Deeley hosted program is so popular that this must be the reason. I would also imagine that to get such large AppStore dominating downloads that the app must have been advertised on live television during Primetime of the actual real quiz shows airing to secure it's mighty number one app slot. If you are a fan of television based Quiz Show Million Pound Drop Live then download it from the AppStore now while it's still free.

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