Monday 11 June 2012

Game with Amazing 3D Water Effects - Sprinkle

Most of the time 3D games, especially apps, don't look like they've been polished by a big developer. Sprinkle, is one of the games that does looks like it has been. For years Game developers have been working on simulating water, with rare successes. Sprinkle is one of those success. The water may not always look real, but it certainly looks nice and well programed. Help the little blue guy in a red firetruck Put out flames and save the day (or level at least). The levels look really neat, the water effects looks even better. Control a Water Cannon by adjusting the angle and height of the cannon. Then shoot water out and watch the amazing water effects do it's thing. Be careful. You have a limited amount of water to spray. The less water you use, the higher your score.

Graphics look similar to those of Little Big Planet. Platform, with a sense of depth.

Sprinkle is simple, fun, and has really good sound effects. The music is nice and friendly and adventurous at the same time. Brought to you by the developers at Mediocre. That's funny because This Android Application isn't "mediocre" at all, it's way better than that. The smooth graphics even look like pixar or dreamworks could had designed them. Sprinkle loads fast, has a loading status bar so you have a better idea of how much longer it will take, and has really good controls.

Even the HUD and flames look cool...and hot.

The only minor suggestions I have would be to beef up the intro cutscene a little bit, and have it shown to players at the start of playing or have an "intro" button on a menu on top of a "play game" button. (with an option of skipping the intro when it is playing of course). Keep in mind it's already AN EDITORS CHOICE ON GOOGLE PLAY.

Splashes look amazing.The connected water hose lets you be a portable fire hydrant (sort of).
 Levels start out easy, but quickly gets harder with puzzles...then the trial ends. The FREE light version is such a teaser. It Leaves you wanting to have more levels to spray and watch the cool water effects in new situations. It's Xperia Play Optimized. 12 Levels are available on the trial version that can be found on Google Play. The Lite version of Sprinkle has over 500k downloads with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Probably lost .5 stars for leaving "dissatisfied" players wanting more levels.

Not surprisingly, the apps menu is clean and well done too.
Try it and see if you are a satisfied downloader or "dissatisfied" one wanting more levels. Either way, there's always the option of getting the full version for only $1.99 for 48 more levels.


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