Sunday 10 June 2012

Unique and Cool Ways to use your Phones Accelerometer

A phones accelerometer is an often overlooked feature that can really add lots to a games gameplay or an apps functionality.

One of the most recent cool uses we've seen for  Android phones accelerometer comes for Rampage Jackson's new app. When we covered the original mutterings about Rampage's MedlMobile App a few months ago we never dreamed how much the app would transform from a simple linear corridor fighter to the accelerometer maxing out punch meter app that it has become now. Put simply if you love to test your strength and want to know if you can puch like a UFC fighter then you should be looking at downloading Rampage Punch.

Some Other Apps that use the accelerometer in Unique Ways
Cosmovox: Accelerometer for sound creation
LevelShot: A clever camera app that use the accelerometer to detect when the phone's camera is level
Airpaint describes itself as a "drawing in Space" app and uses your movements to light trace what you've drawn, when 3d functionality is added to this light drawing app it could have a lot of interesting spin  offs.
And as for games? We still love Grabatron which really uses your movements very accurately to guide your claw touting evil UFO

We reckon that a good yo yo app needs to be in the pipleine as the accelerometer will be perfectly suited to this type of toy learning and playing.

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