Wednesday 6 June 2012

Apps to Invest In: Fishbones

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Fishbones Coming
this summer(with
Appbackr help)
Take developers with a will to create, enormous industry experience and a fundamental understanding of what makes a great game and add some financial readys and you've got a winning combination for the next Smartphone hit game. Fishbones is one of those up and comers looking to get some support from the game loving community. Originally touted as a Kickstarter project, but now spreading its wings on to Appbackr, Fishbones in its Alpha version shows some real potential. Looking initially at the app developer credentials it looks to be a serious app to put your indie bucks behind. The father/son team have a bunch of kudos to their name and widespread industry connections, as they describe themselves:
 Who are Wes and Caleb?

Bitstudio Games' core is the father and son team of Wes and Caleb Gray. Each of us have professional game development experience, both as indie developers (wOot!), and at corporate game studios. We work with a lot of talented programmers and designers who we have joined forces with over the last decade or so. We hope that one day we can build a game studio where all your base are belong to us.

So credential wise you couldn't look for a more dynamic app creating duo to support. And as for Fishbones Alpha Version itself it shows some great potential, especially considering that with the right financial backing the app will have improved gameplay,graphics, soundtrack and so much more.
Indie Investors FISHBONES needs you!
In the meantime enjoy the fun precision , reaction game of using stalagtites to knock out them pesky fishes, gain coins to buy powerups and so much more ,the REAL game when it's released on to Android and iPhone late this summer, will certainly be one to watch out for.
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