Tuesday 5 June 2012

Red, Red Green Machine: Fast Paced Android Reaction Game

Simple; Addictive Fun  Android Reaction Game.
Going back to the roots of what a Smartphone game should be, the Red, Red Green Machine really impresses from a core gamers viewpoint. 
We're not looking for fancy graphics and A lister soundtracks for our Android Phones, but gameplay is King and this fast paced Android Reaction Game brings that home in such a big way.

Simple one click, one button play that can be played on your phone anywhere and everywhere. The red and green buttons flash up randomly and at ever greater speeds as the game progresses, touch a red you lose time; but touch a green and you gain a few seconds and increase your score. Simple, but highly addictive as your reaction times are simply pitted against a parsed down interface that doesn't distract but just leaves you to get on with the high scoring.

Red, Red Green Machine is a fast paced and free Android Reaction Game that you will keep on coming back to it again and again for a quick adrenalin based gamer's hit.

Google Play Download Link

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