Monday 4 June 2012

Boost your Brain Power with Android Apps

Become Smarter: Android Apps for improving
your brain Power.
Yes, we all know Android phones are great for games, and some pundits even say that they're currently the businessman's phone of choice, but do you know that they can also improve your brain power?

Or at least that's what  CrafterApps the makers of Become Smarter will have us believe with their new ebook type app.

The Android Book is filled with
exercises to enhance your brain's capacity
The Become Smarter book is available for free on Google Play and while we can't say how much smarter we've become from using it , we can at least attest that the content is very well laid out drawing from many intellectual enhancing exercises found across the web. On first read through Become Smarter quickly reminded me of the many physical enhancing exercise apps found throughout the Google Play Store, with of course the end result not leading to physical superiority but mental adroitness, which is no bad thing.

A few pop up ads aside the mental enhancing app is easy to use and well worth a look if you want to gain some real benefit from having an Android Phone.
Mental Enhancing app link for Become Smarter

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