Monday 4 June 2012

How to Become an App Developer with a huge App Portfolio

We like Apps. Fact. We also like app developers and especially those who can put a lot of good quality apps on the appstore. So if you're a wannabee app developer looking for stardom or a small time app programmer looking to amass a lot of apps for a brilliant app portfolio where do you start? 
We're sure you've got a lot of questions about amassing a lucrative app portfolio so in this developer interview with Thumb Wizards whose apps we've been privileged to cover in previous Gametrender app articles we attempt to find out how to amass this app success and what sort of apps you should look to have in a portfolio.
If you're looking to answer any of these questions:

  1. What mobile platform is good to develop for?
  2. What experience do you need to be an app programmer?
  3. Is it necessary to outsource when creating apps?
  4. How do you make your apps stand out from the crowd?
Then we hope this app developer interview will come in handy.

Thumb Wizards Interview

1. Do you develop for any other platforms?
We have typically been focused on the iOS platform.  We have previously ported the Speakin Apps to the Android platform some time ago and currently working with third parties on updates to those applications quite soon.  We will be bringing our applications to the Mac App Store soon, and you should begin seeing those appear shortly after the launch of Mountain Lion this summer.

2. Generally what is the teams experience in programming?
Interestingly enough, the teams background in programming was focused on Microsoft related technologies for over 20 years.  When the iPhone 3G was launched along side of the opportunity to develop mobile apps for such an amazing device, we traded in our PC's for Mac's.  We have never looked back.

3.Do you outsource any of your requirements?
With the demand of rapidly changing technology and platforms, this is essential to keeping everything moving at a similar pace.  We look to outsource anything from Audio, Graphics and UI design.

4.What is your most popular app?
Currently the most popular title is Sudoku Puzzle Packs, which holds a high rank in the board and puzzle categories on iTunes and has over 1500+ 5 star ratings.

5.What is the hardest part about creating a new app?
Graphics!!!  Getting user interfaces and graphics that suit those interfaces polished and ready to go.

6. Any tips for wannabee developers or people wanting to break into the industry?
Before beginning creating anything, you should know what it is you are creating.  Choose an app or project that interests you and start writing the idea out.  Break everything down into small pieces and then start figuring out how to create each piece.  If you truly want to create apps, go to the bookstore and buy an introductory book and start reading.  Like anything in life, this truly is ten percent inspiration, ninety percent perspiration.  Delete your Facebook account, turn World of Warcraft off and get to work.

7. How do you decide what type of apps to create?
We have a couple of tactics to this process.  The first one is to look at the world we live in and see if there is anything around us that can be digitally enhanced or recreated to give people that information or novelty on the go.  The second process to this discovery is to take a step back from everything going on, and shut off all mobile devices.  In order to make decisions about what is the most relevant for a user it is important to pay attention to what is going on around us.  It is an interesting approach that really helps to decide what is the single most important thing that will create the moment that makes us turn these devices back on.  The challenge is to spark the interest of those that do not have a smart phone in their pocket, to put a smart phone in their pocket?  The third process is to wait for a huge bolt of lightning to crash down to jump start the creative process.  Although, it also important to note, that with over 600,000 apps on iTunes App Store, that sometimes you just have to pick an idea and go with it.

8. You've been featured in the Scottish Sun, any other big media exposure and how did you come to their attention?
To be honest, i was surprised to find the article in the Scottish Sun, and have yet to discover the reasons for that specific attention.  As well, aside from press releases, we are still waiting for that call from the fruit company for a featured app.  :)

9. We notice that you have made more than a few Sudoku games, what makes your games more appealing than others out there?
When we set out to create our first Sudoku game, we noticed a large quantity of these games already existing.  100's of them in fact.  The one thing that really set everything the same, was how pencil and paper all those Sudoku apps where.  At the same time, there are entire sections of Sudoku puzzles in just about every bookstore around, and similarly to the Appstore, everything is quite the same.  What we decided to do was to take Sudoku from the traditional black and white to gorgeous.  We gave Sudoku a stunning look by presenting it with customizable themes, audio effects and fun animations.  Overall, What we believe we have created is a visually pleasant visions of what Sudoku puzzle games on mobile devices should achieve.

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