Monday 4 June 2012

Irreverent Game with Superbly Unique Avatar: Grandmaster on iOS

Meet the Grandmaster on iOS
Jump into a game of Grandmaster and you'll be soon giggling to yourself and looking at dumpsters in a whole new light. With the Grandmaster himself being a rather unsavoury homeless sort, living in Post Soviet Russia of all places, the game certainly scores highly on the creative locations and obscure avatar stakes.

Is this the first iOS app that I've played the part of a homeless tramp  (with perhaps hinted at mystical garbage hunting powers), very definitely YES!

In a nod to the homeless people who own top end Smartphones and Tablets the Grandmaster himself is wise and kind enough to dispense some useful advice for surviving on the street. Between level pearls of wisdom like "Always boil your water before drinking. " and " Always cook ants for 6 minutes before eating." Could one day be handy for your own chances of surviving on the streets!

So quite simply sift through the trash, find useful( if slightly mouldy food to eat to survive until the next level) and if you're lucky even find some once trendy rags to wear to stave off the Russian winters. 
The craziest setting and character for an iOS game? 
Oh, and of course be prepared to fight off roaches, dumpster protecting cops and even some super boss battles taking on the Grandmaster in his own territory:The Dumpster. 
Good, filthy addictive fun on iPhone and iPad:
Grandmaster App Download Link

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