Monday 11 June 2012

Making iPad Bedroom Viewing more comfortable

Since the family have discovered the Sky + Player we've been using the family iPad much more often in the bedroom.
If you're a UK Sky Satellite Subscriber , then like me you've probably got pretty fed up with the dearth of good entertainment on the numerous channels available to you. Luckily for Sky that their Sky + App for iPad is so chock a block full of good movies and only available for Sky customers.
Since we've started using these Sky Apps (+ and Sky Anytime particularly) we've actually found more movies in the Sky Library and back catalogue then are currently on the 400 plus Sky channels that we pay for. With a 4mb a second Broadband connection there's very little lag most of the time so movies arw quite viewable on the iPad's almost 10 inch screen.

So bedtime viewing has never been as much fun or so easy( I've always avoided a bedroom television for aesthetic and space reasons, but a bit of cheeky iPad viewing now and again isn't going to do any harm). However one problem I've found with bedroom iPad viewing is that it's hard to hold the iPad up for a whole movie, especially if you have more than one person trying to get the optimum viewing angle.
I'm sure if someone can come up with some funky bed gadget for iPad holding or even a smart duvet to accompany the Apple Smart cover then they'd be on a money spinner. One of my favourite bedding retailers for bedding were quite dumbstruck when I suggested making a pillow or blanket that will act as some sort of iPad smart cover replicant, just a bit of grip or velcro and voila. If you've got any other ideas to make iPad bedroom viewing easier then feel free to comment.

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