Tuesday 19 June 2012

How to use Android and iOS to transform Traditional Business

We've written on a lot of business specific apps, both for Android and iOS. Now what we're starting to notice is a definite sway towards normal, traditional businesses using business apps to change the way they go about their day to day activities.

A prime example is many retail suppliers, such as barcode scanner businesses and cash register suppliers. As we all know one of the easiest AR apps to make is a simple barcode scanner that uses a phones camera (of any megapixel size) to scan barcodes in order to conduct price comparison via a linked website.

In the face of these AR apps stealing their traditional customers it's a case of adapt or die for some physical business types. That's why Kudos go out to the company that provides POS system , instead of fighting against the Smartphone revolution they have embraced it and now use custom apps in conjunction with their point of sale equipment.

That's today's Smartphone business lesson: Don't fight against apps stealing your customers-use them yourselves to increase your marketbase. In the fast moving business apps world you can't afford to be conservative but have to embrace these new technologies to stay current. At the moment apps are the hottest thing in the tech world-embrace and expand.

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