Tuesday 19 June 2012

From Flash Game to Euro Football 2012 App

Gravity Football Euro 2012 Edition
Football in Europe is on everybody's lips and there's no shortage of soccer apps to celebrate this year's tournament. The big guns Gamevil have just released Soccer Superstars 2012; but for those more concerned with gameplay and fun than flash graphics, we have another fusball offering on Android for you:
Gravity Football Euro 2012
Featuring a full roster of Euro teams this addictive , physics heavy game first began life as a Flash game in previous incarnations. With previous editions of Gravity Football making a big mark on the Flash gaming communityit was only a matter of time before the fun soccer game came mobile phone-dom's way.

The Euro 2012 challenge is well represented by the app with the clear icons representing player's both easy to use and colourful. The gameplay is very pick up and go with your player being controlled by a marvellously easy control scheme. 
Simple fun Android football app
Euro 2012 Football App: Gravity Football

This simplicity is what makes Gravity Football so fun to play, and combined with the ability to change and modify Euro group matches; group and knockout stages and achievements it really is the full Continental football experience presented in a unique way.
Download Gravity Football Euro 2012 from Google Play

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