Tuesday 19 June 2012

Slugger: Kickstarter Game on the Edge of Glory

Project Slugger
Pretty Weird and Project Slugger:
"In this for the Long Haul"
Kickstarter games come and go, but Project Slugger is the pure gaming genius that gamers have been waiting for.

Born from the creative hearts and minds of some of the most passionate gamers we've seen to date, the Baltimore games project is looking to have massive potential, we'll be shocked and surprised if it doesn't reach it's funding on Kickstarter. 

That's why we're publishing this article , to get you over to the startup friendly site and see what's got our little gaming fingers all jittery to get our hands on Slugger.

Game Designer featured in edge magazine
A. Bender :" Great enthusiasm for
making games"
The game's heritage shows the momentum and commitment behind the project. Born from The University of Baltimore's Annual Game Design Club Competition almost two years ago in the Fall of 2010, when lifelong game designer August Bender couldn't but help notice the creative brilliance of Scott Yerkey's competition entry game. This was the foundation  stage of "Pretty Weird" . Soon another creative powerhouse in the form of Jamere Johnson was on board. 
Like anything great more of the gaming industries raw talent was soon knocking at Pretty Weirds door until they now have a team of 3 Artists, 3 Programmers, 3 Designers, and 2 Audio Engineers. This is a serious studio with drive; motivation and a solid conceptual game that is going to be something special.

Project Slugger itself
The game itself is set to take the form of a side and vertically scrolling videogame. Starring the Slugger of the title and potentially up to 15 playable characters; 10 minibosses and 10 bosses!
Depending upon funding the game could be huge, with 55 levels and 8 different World's planned. Being not only gamers but also businessmen, Pretty Weird knows what works, we're particularly enthusiastic about the fact that they are bringing something new to gaming.
 A gaming world based on a Victorian Sewer?  That's the type of creativity that is going to make Slugger brilliant!
Pretty Weird Entertainment
Slugger is Born

Cited inspiration for Project Slugger ranges from Animated films to Table top games to Donkey Kong Country. The uniqueness of the game doesn't just extend to it's environment and inspiration though as tasty little quotes like "Gameplay will change and evolve your playing style in a visible way." and " Each level will have its own untiled background, and all animations will be hand drawn. Advanced color theory will be used in not only the game's art, but also its music, using synesthetic techniques to blend sound and visual features for an immersive experience, against a full soundtrack." Really makes us see not only the passion but also the solid design principles behind the game. 
That's not even to mention the art which simply blows us away.
Characters from Project Slugger
More Funding=More Great Characters
How to Fund Project Slugger
Hopefully you'll be as excited about the project as we at Gametrender are by now. Go on over to Kickstarter and learn more about this amazing Pretty Weird Project. Watch the promo video and I'm sure that you too will instantly fall in love with and want this brilliant game to come screaming out of the Creative Cosmos and hit your consoles and PC's ASAP!

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