Sunday 1 July 2012

iPhone 5 Design Confirmed?

We've gathered numerous sources together to get the latest net speculation about the iPhone 5 Design. Still no word on what the newest Apple product will have on its insides ,but if 9to5 Mac and iFixi spying is to be believed then this is what the iPhone 5 will look like:

what does the iphone 5 look like
iPhone 5 Black backcase with Blackframe

How bi is the iphone 5 screen
iPhone 5 Front-Note the larger screen
What does the iphone 5 connector look like
iPhone 5 depth pictures with new connection adaptor shown

If the net sources are to be believed then this is to be the confirmed design for the new iPhone. Take away points are that if this is true, then speculation about the new connection adaptor can be put to bed with Apple seemingly using a different size connector. This will of course play havoc with current iPhone dock setups and numerous other gadgets that we plug in to our phones. 

On the plus side the new screen is just shy of 4 inches in size which is a definite improvement (resolution for the new screen is hinted to be 1136 x 640). The aluminium body of the new Apple messiah hints at another unibody product-and of course the design is quintessentially Apple with a beautful design.

Now the question just remains whether the Apple iPhone 5 will be better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 or not!


  1. I suspect Apple will definitely make adapters if new connectors are put in place. It'll probably come with the new phone, but have to be purchased separately for older phones and devices.

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