Monday 11 June 2012

Klouds+: A new type of puzzling

Klouds+ Puzzle App
Klouds+ has just been released on to the AppStore and is proving to be both an enjoyable and addictive puzzler. 
Firstly the app seems to work very well with the younger app player, our toddler enjoyed just popping the bubbles which give a gratifying sound and animation. The aim of Klouds is a little more complicated,but not overly taxing and quick to pick up. Simply remove the pollution bubble from the container by growing your bubbles in a strategic order, being careful not to pop them and let the pollution escape. 
The simple premise is bumped up with power ups such as exploding bubbles. An uncluttered animation plays in the background lending a soporific air to the game. A half hour play through was thoroughly enjoyable, but perhaps not challenging enough. 
We've only sampled the free version,but an in app unlock will give more weather weeks to play through and puzzle effecting weather too. We found the soundtrack particularly fitting for the app with some nice wind effects and tolling ships bells, as it stands the app is enjoyable but hopefully we will see some more game enhancing modes in later Kloud + updates.

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