Monday 11 June 2012

Monsters Ate My Condo now Free

Appstore app of the week: Monsters Ate my Condo has gone free. This great free puzzler/fun arcade game features humour and some really funky artwork to make its character models standout. 
It oozes humour and some very crazy ideas such as a screeching Viking Valkyrie to indicate games end, monsters who have variously crawled from toxic waste and been the product of chemical accidents in beer gardens. The sound effects are spot on and lend to the frantic paced nature of the game.
Described by creators Adult Swim Pik Pok as crazy monster puzzle fun a quick look at the AppStore link for the free arcade game will confirm this as a must download. Combos and score combinations abound with the monster japes as you puzzle your way to destroying civilisation. Simple match 3 gaming is taken to a new level as you placate the psychopathic creatures and use their powers to stop your tower collapsing and add to your high score. Endless mode and Time attack mode are equal amounts of fun.
 Check out Monsters Ate my Condo from the renowned developers of Robot Unicorn and you'll be startled at how good the free app is.

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