Sunday 10 June 2012

My Clock Station Pro: All in one Android Alarm Solution

Android Tablet Alarm App
All in one Android Tablet Alarm Solution
Here at Gametrender we review literally hundreds of apps on a monthly basis and probably come into some sort of contact with at least five hundred apps that don't make it as far as a review. So when we find apps that have enormous amounts of love and attention lavished on them it really makes us proud to be an Android owner and part of the app  movement.

My Clock Station Pro is one of those apps where the developer seems to have gone above and beyond the call of duty, making this one of the most well rounded apps on the PlayStore. Firstly it must be said that while the clock app works really well on Android Phones it truly shines on the higher definition and larger screened Android Tablets, if you've got an Android powered tablet 7 inches and above this is certainly the alarm app to go for with crisp and clean high end HD graphics really shining out.

Let's clarify something else though, throughout this review you'll have seen me referring to My Clock Station Pro as variously an Android Alarm app and clock app. In equal measure the app could be referred to under a dozen different monikers including sleep cycle app; Personal Time Organiser App and many more titles. The developers really seem to have covered a lot of bases when creating this app; and more importantly really made a lot of changes to keep improving the PA app in response to their users' feedback.
A big standout feature of the app is really something that we should take for granted, but for some reason lesser alarm apps don't seem to have the ability. That is the ability for the alarm app to still function even when the app has been exited as well as the ability for the alarm to still work in sleep mode. Aside from these taken for granted features also expect:
A full sleep Therapy Solution is just
one of the Android Alarm Clock Apps many

  • Different and vibrant alarm themes to use
  • A built in calculator
  • Clock and alarm customisation
  • And even a fully functioning sleep therapy section
  • Note/memo Section

This is a formidably productive all in one clock solution that will appeal to many walks of life. All the changes and updates that the developers have lavished on  it truly show that it is an alarm/clock/PA app that will grow and evolve with your personal scheduling and time needs.

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