Sunday 10 June 2012

Smartphone and Tablet ideas to transform the Service Industry

Our always connected Smartphones still remain very under exploited especially when it comes to the service industry. For example on a recent restaurant visit we were given the very old school table monitor device, the flashing, beeping gadget that warns you when your table is ready. Well being so ensconced in the app world as I am I got to wondering why we're still dealing with such archaic technology.

Surely many of these old fashioned ideas and gadgets that the service industry still cleave to can be replaced by simple smart phone or tablet apps. Now I'm not saying that all waiters will be replaced by iPads. But if I want to view a menu and order, even before I've got to a restaurant, then surely an smartphone app for that particular eatery will be the easiest thing in the world to program.

If I want  personalized platters from my local sandwich shop then I should be simply able to swipe and mix and match pics in a clever app and view my real time results. As for waiting lists and dealing with Maitre D's , again a simple app should be able to , if not replace these venerable institutions , but at least ease their burdens.

If you're a worker or an owner in a restaurant then we want to know if you think apps can replace you or make your job easier, feel free to add your comments.

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