Thursday 21 June 2012

Pet First Aid Apps

After much interest in our First Aid Apps for the Military Article, we decided that a follow up First Aid app article should be a little different. So for those who love their pooches and pussycats we've scoured the web to find the best Pet First Aid Apps

Pet Medical Apps
The First app to consider for your four legged friends is the simply entitled Pet First Aid by Jive Media. There's videos and illustrations to help you with round the clock emergencies that your pet might have. Including: The fairly common bleeding; you should always be prepared for dog or cat poisoning as it can happen quite often , both by design and accident. Other topics like dog muzzling and restraining are also covered.

Dog First Aid is naturally just aimed at canine owners and includes  quick and easy to understand advice that should tide your dog over until a vet can be contacted.

The PetTech Petsaver App comes from a very reputable company and the app especially appeals as it gives some no nonsense hands on advice just like the other pet first aid apps but also some brilliant techniques for Pet CPR Training.

An up and coming app from the American Red Cross could be the best of them all. Scheduled for a later in the year release to follow the June release of the Red Cross First Aid for people app. The Red Cross Pet's app will be to help cats and dogs in distress.

So get on your grey s anatomy scrub pants and get out and save some pets in distress with these handy furry friendly apps.

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