Sunday 1 July 2012

Android Epidemic VS Pandemic 2.5

how to beat epidemic on android
Pandemic 2.5 on Android in the form of EPIDEMIC
The Flash game of Pandemic 2.5 made its way on to iOS , now the hit virus creating game has an Android version in the form of EPIDEMIC.

Is Android's Epidemic better than Pandemic?

A few highlights of the Epidemic game (mostly unavailable in Pandemic 2.5):
* 3 levels of difficulty
* Option to turn off/on the vaccine.
* Compatible with versions of Android 2.1 and above

Ways to win at Epidemic on Android
A common strategy for trying to beat Epidemic is to start by buying out all the resistances.
When you have resistances around levels 2-3, start buying symptoms and attributes with low visibility levels.

Stop the Epidemic Vaccine
If the vaccine gets started, the best way to try to stop it is by shutting down the hospitals.
However, hospitals can only be shutdown by increasing the lethality rate of the virus.

If you're still playing Pandemic 2.5 on the iPhone then please have a look at our previous article which features handy tips on how to beat the virus creation game.


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