Wednesday 11 July 2012

Animal Sounds App on iPhone and iPad

Fun, animal Sounds app on iOS
As Im busy writing this article my 4 year old is busy entertaining himself with the Ipad downstairs and the one year old is hanging over my shoulder saying "dog, dog" every time I look at another picture on the Animal sounds app(every animal is a dog to her; even the local restaurants aquarium has "dog" in it according to her!)

Now the point of telling you this, is that;as you will probably have noticed if youre an Iphone owning parent, is that even young kids are technologically savvy. And of course attracted to the bright colours and sounds of devices like Ipads and Iphones. Some would say that our children have lost touch with nature because of all this technology surrounding us. Whilst true in so many ways, instead of complaining about this we need to harness our tech to come up with a happy medium. 
So my one ipad loving and my one animal loving child have been inspirational for reviewing Animal Sounds Free. The bright and attractive pictures teach them about the animals of the world and provide fun interaction in the form of animal sounds and names.
A fun and easy to use animal sounds app that marries young kids love of touchscreen interaction and shows them a little of the natural world. 
Perhaps the fun app might even teach my infant that not every animal is a dog!

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