Thursday 12 July 2012

Sage in Your Pocket

Best Motivational Quotes
Another beautiful partnership between Android phones and old school values, we've been lucky enough to stumble across the Best Motivational Quotes App for Android. After a weeks gloomy weather and work pressures the motivational app has really added a little bit of  sparkle to some dull days.

The Motivational Quotes app has some really good features, most notably the ability to act as a widget, this means you simply activate the widget and then it happily rotates through some very inspirational words from histories famous people. 
The app has 150 quotes from the likes of Einstein; Helen Keller and even Oprah Winfrey: Actors; Writers; Saints. Whatever type of person you find most inspirational can be found in the app.

Activate the full app and the quotes are shown across a variety of well chosen and apt backgrounds, again a very mood uplifting touch. A variety of ways to share your favourite quotes are also present including email and text.

So if you're wanting some mood enhancement or wisdom of the ancients (or moderns) and are a proud Android owner then download the free Best Motivational Quotes App from Google Play.

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