Friday 13 July 2012

Create your own Amazing Alex Levels

How to make your own Amazing Alex Levels
Amazing Alex Level Editor
Amazing Alex user  created levels are already popping up thick and fast. If you want to get access to Rovio's Level Creator and make your own Amazing Alex Levels we're here to give you a bit of a hand.

How do you create your own levels in Amazing Alex?
Here's how to find the level editor: Go to the Chapter Selection screen and find the "My Levels" tab-This is unlocked after you complete the first sixteen levels of the Casey's Contraption like game.

So once access to the My Levels section is gained you're ready to create; share and upload your own levels of Amazing Alex. Some net sources say that there are 100's of user created levels already up; we've even encountered other sources that claim Amazing Alex has 35,000 user created levels already! (update we've explored ourselves and at the time of writing have been only able to find 5007 shared levels). So now's the time to stake your claim:

How to use the Level Creation Tool

  • A level must contain at least 1 object and a total of three stars.
  • The further into Rovio's new game you get the more tools you will get for your levels; up to a total of 35. Tools will include tables; scissors; balloons and more as you progress
  • Use the landscape button to change the backdrop
  • Press Play to validate the level. If all three stars are collected then simply "tick to save"
  • You've now got a complete level, or at least what it should look like when a tinkering fan has solved it! So take away as many objects and change their positions as much as you want to make your level gain the title of Most Difficult User Created Amazing Alex Level !
  • Now name the stage and upload it to the web. Watch out for Basket Master which is one of the trickiest levels we've seen.
How to Share your Amazing Alex Levels
level using all Amazing Alex objects
"Gun" most difficult user created Angry Alex Level?
The game doesn't yet have the wow factor of Angry Birds, but the social factor to the Rovio puzzle game is really streets ahead. You can even take your own creations and email ; Twitter; Facebook or share it in any way you please. Just tap the name of the level and you'll be taken to the part of the web that hosts it. Copy the level URL and share to your heart's content.

What to name your levels
If you're creative enough to come up with a super difficult level then add some pizzaz to your efforts; we've already counted at least 5 "My first Level" names in just a quick glance. Levels that have caught our eye are Mon Niveau by Elsabioza and Sling by SammyZio. So off you go then find your best level; create your own and welcome to the world of Amazing Alex.
Amazing Alex vs Angry Birds Easter Eggs
Injecting some much needed humour into a game that doesn't have the same characterful personality of Angry Birds; these are the tie-ins with Angry Birds and Amazing Alex that we've found so far:
angry birds and amazing alex similarities
Amazing Alex Easter Eggs : Bad Piggy Bank look familiar?

  • The Classroom: Look under the board for the first Easter Egg. An alphabet poster saying: “Aa: Angry” and “Bb: Bird”.
  • Alex’s Bedroom 3-11: Here's where you'll first encounter the bad piggy bank. The irony is that you could probably buy an Angry Bird piggy bank for real. Well not to get into the evil economics of Rovio's fun monopoly, here's tie in number 2 : Bad piggy-bank's  eye becomes bruised after shattering, remind you of any other famous video game pigs?
  • Alex’s Bedroom 3-12:  A not very subtle Angry Alex Easter egg this one; just look at the level name: “Angry Doll” and features the doll in the slingshot aimed at the Bad Piggy Bank. 
Perhaps Angry Alex is the next app on the cards for Rovio? 


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