Saturday 14 July 2012

Jimmy Pataya : Fun Skydiving App

Need some quick fun on the go? Got a few minutes to waste? Jimmy Pataya may be be able to help you here. This cell shaded app is simple and easy to play. The goal is to fall the longest, while avoiding obstacles. You're falling next to a pole, though you never hit it. The pole has attachments (wooden bridges), helmets and rockets hanging around it. Some wooden bridges have rockets in them. Collect a Rocket and you fall a lot faster, racking up points for your score quickly. Beware however, as you fall faster, you have less time to react and maneuver around the pole to avoid smashing into something. Get hold of a Helmet and it'll protect you for one crash. Rockets come with a temporary helmet. The rocking soundtrack helps keep you interested. The controls are good and precise. Jimmy Pataya is Xperia Play Optimized. I believe collecting stars also help increase your score.

 With an average Google Play rating of over 4 stars and over 10,000 downloads. You should download this app to test out and see if you agree with the stars. By the way, it's FREE.

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