Friday 13 July 2012

iPhone Apps to Run your Life

iPhone time management
Life Ticker Pro
Do you actually realise how very time dependant we Westerners are? Right now I'm counting down the deadline until this article is published. I'm counting the hours before bedtime. The hours until the weekend (that's always a popular one). The days until payday. The numerous dates; birthdays;anniversaries; holidays; celberations and more that we have every year. Need I go on? The point being we're living in a time constrained society, where every second counts and events from large to small can and do happen almost daily. That my iPhone owning buddies is the reality. Luckily for us  we don't need to wait for a fictional future where all of this is organised for us. Because if you own an iPhone, the future of time management is now. 

You need two things to be an efficient time lord and never forget a date or appointment again: the first is an iPhone (or other iOS device) the second is the now free time management app: LifeTicker Pro.

PDA functions for iPhone
Track innumerable events with LifeTicker Pro
Time management app is a very lazy label to attach to this private and business life tracking app. It's not just a fancy alarm/stopwatch but a full solution to all the times of your life and presented in a very easy to use package. In the opening paragraph I went on about looking at all the future dates that might be relevant to us; but what about looking at Ticking down time from events. If you buy a car for example, wouldn't it be nice to know for exactly how long you've owned it. And what about mobile phone contracts: How long have you had your iPhone-is the 18 month contract up yet?

The point being that by using LifeTicker Pro you now have a simple  two step solution to keeping track of time; just type in what needs to be tracked and count up or down. That's a very powerful resource to have and since time is money an extremely invaluable tool to have on your iPhone. The presentation is also very slick and you can track infinite events.

And while we're on the premise of time ticking away we suggest you hurry on down to the app store and get LifeTicker Pro right away because it's just gone free today! What are you waiting for time is wasting, Tick, Tick........

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