Sunday 22 July 2012

Experiences with S Voice

If you're a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner then you need no introduction to S Voice. Whether the Samsung powered voice search will become redundant as more Jelly Bean Updates role out is a matter for some debate. One wonders why there isn't some sort of Voice Search Collaboration going on between Google , whose Android software now powers most Samsung phones and the Korean Electronics giant. They're the master of hardware solutions so why not pool R and D funds etc. with Google to come up with more expansive soultions.

With a swift broadband S voice isn't bad; particularly when it comes to Internet searches. The most obscure phrase we could come up with cubital tunnel splint actually returned the results of more than a few local businesses that provide this product. Searching with Siri on the other hand continuously produced the results " We can only search for businesses in the USA." Very poor considering Siri's supposed Global reach.

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