Sunday 22 July 2012

Monster Cats: Top 100 iOS Adventure Game and rising

Monster Cats
Monster Cats now on Appstore
Barry Steakfries you have a new rival and he's not even human. Monster Cats is more than a homage to Jetpack Joyride though and expands upon the endless running genre in a remarkable way. The fact that Monster Cats (available for Iphone and iPad) comes from a small indie studio is remarkable as the game brings a lot of spit ; polish and addictiveness .

Appstore Top 100
Mittens: New darling of the endless
Runner Genre
Let's face it top examples of endless runners like Jetpack Joyride quickly seep their way into our game playing addictions, but less well done games are a dime a dozen and often the staple of starting out app game programmers.
So let's find out what sets Monster Cats apart and could make Mittens bigger than Mr Steakfries:

Details, details,details Gentleman and Mittens and his other incarnations certainly have them: Awakening from his cat lair complete with much Kitty shaped furniture (don't worry it's not too cutesy the graphics are pitched just right) Mittens sets out on his endless run (Question to Haptic Tactics Studio: When the app deservedly gets more downloads and some more cash comes in will you add a back story? This will really complete the game). The main avatar of the game has a lot of character sleuthily dressed in a cross between a Victorian gentleman and a feline Indiana Jones; his mismatched eyes lend a degree of manicness to Mittens that other games would simply embody as cuteness for the sake of it. 

As you progress more of his alter egos are unlocked: Fangs the Bat Cat; Mystic the Wizard and six others (these are unlocked by earning in game points and with money earned in game). Now this is where I truly stood gob smacked that the little Indie Studio who could squeezed so much love into the game-each alter ego has their own backdrop that they run against. Fangs has a scary Dracula type castle for example, so not only is our gamer's curiousity aroused by seeing which character which will be unlocked next but what crazy locale we'll find ourselves in.
What monsters can you change into in Monster Cats
Mitten's well designed alter egos
The aforementioned other King of Endless runners has the famous gadgets update (See Gametrender's very popular guide to Jetpack Joyride Gadgets ) but Monster Cats comes straight out of the box with a system of badges that imbue different properties . So for example you might have a badge that lets you swing from the forest roof or change gravity. Very nice touch there.

Undoubtedly comparisons can only be drawn with Halfbrick's masterpiece; but our only criticism for this indie inspired addition to the genre is that the enemies are too familiar in their behaviours to Barry Steakfries foes. Other than that a brilliant addition to the endless running genre which comes heaped with character; longevity and playability ( and yes achievement mongers those are there too along with missions to make you have that one more go feeling) . Haptic Tactic Studio your iOS adventure game was straight into the top 100 of  US Adventure games on just after Monster Cats was released; now we know why!


  1. I love this game but wish could have been a monster cat in the gameplay as it's a more fun part. Rescuing the friends from monster was too fun in this game, I enjoyed it a lot.

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