Wednesday 1 August 2012

Caveman Apple

Looking for a simple app to play? Then try out Caveman Apple.  This app is easy to play. Just slide the lower part of your smartphone screen and your spear/sharp stick will fly towards the top of the screen to catch apples. Make sure to release the spear before it reaches the apples or it won't count as a throw and won't catch any apples. Apples will be flying horizontally across the screen in four rows. Time your throw correctly and you may catch an apple from each row. You only have 45 seconds each time you play so every throw counts. The music is peaceful sounding but yet energetic. Sounds like a tropical song or upbeat African instrumental playing. Work on your aiming and timing to rack up your highest score. You can view your highest score and share it as well.

Possibly adding a quiet sound for each time the an apple is caught/stabbed. Maybe a bing or ching or ping or sparkle signify when the player has gotten 4 apples with one throw. Another addition could be how many throws the players has without a miss. A bonus could be used for higher streaks. And possibly a celebration at the end when the round is over. For example the caveman sitting Indian style next to how many apples you got (or just sitting a pile of apples) with a big smile while holding an apple in his hand. 

 Caveman Apple is brought to you by Wahid Connected. It currently has a 4.0 rating on Google Play. Try it out and see how you like it. Don't worry about a price, It's FREE.

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