Friday 6 July 2012

Want a more Professional iPhone Photo App?

FX Photo Studio is not
only currently on sale,
but has just had a massive update.
iOS photo apps aren't hard to come by. For every Instamatic-like app out there a dozen and one rivals can be found. But what about if you're not wanting just a sparse handful of mediocre filters for your iPhone photos. What about if you're wanting a virtual Photo Studio on your iPad and perhaps fancy that your pictures deserve the best app that you can throw at them? Well in that case potenial iPhone owning Paparazzi let's look at FX Photo Studio for iOS.

The first things to consider with this high performance photo effects app is that it comes from a very reputable developer in the form of MacPhun. Indeed their app has a correlation for Macbook too, and when you consider that Macphun's Photo app retails for just shy of 40 Dollars for the Macbook version, we actually wonder how they can be so crazy to sell their app for less than a dollar (There's an ongoing sale while I'm writing this FX Photo Studio review that has cut the app to half price)
iPhone photo app for professional photographers
Dark Engraving is one of the many filters
found in this Photo App
We don't call this app a "professional Photo Studio app" lightly as the amount of filters; effects; overlays and more is astonishing. And to quote one of the numerous positive reviews on the appstore: "
Simple, easy, yet not dumbed up!

And that's the crucial part of this app and I'm positive that it greatly contributed to the decision to have it featured as the Official app of the International iPhoneography Show of 2011. 
Head on over to the appstore now to have a play with the 194 effects that are completely customisable and then create some beautiful iPhone photos which are easy to share via Instagram; Flickr and other social networks.

If you're wanting to be taken seriously as an iPhone photographer then FX Photo Studio needs to be your phone app of choice.

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