Saturday 7 July 2012

"I Will Wake Up!" Alarm Clock App : Review


Is your Phone Alarm not working for you? Have you ever woken up to your alarm and turned it off and went back to sleep when you were suppose to get up? If so, then there is an app that may be able to help you get up on time. Introducing the "I Will Wake Up!" Alarm Clock app. This new app brings in new ways to get your attention, new motivation for you to get off your bed, and (optional) punishments if you should fail to achieve your goal to get on your feet.

The app is simple to understand. The directions and explanations are thorough. Each Alarm time is referred to as a CHALLENGE. Inputting the information is easy and won't take much longer than setting up a regular alarm. The Volume cannot be turned down from MAXIMUM. The reason, so the alarm will be at it's loudest. When the alarm rings, you have to answer 3 questions to turn it off. This makes you pay attention for more than a second, gets your brain going, and forces you to open your eyes longer than a usual alarm. By the time you are finished turning off the alarm, you should definitely be more awake than before. And yes, you may choose your own alarm sound.

It shares your important alarm time with your Facebook social network and updates it on whether or not you completed the task. By integrating Facebook into the use of this app, it creates a social pressure for the user to prevent the shame from being posted on Facebook. Wake up on time and you can be proud as your accomplishment will be shared with the rest of the world (as long as they're your Facebook friends).

The only few suggestions I would have would be updated pictures to look a little more polish, although they are colorful and friendly already. Maybe have it optional to use Facebook with the app because every alarm may not be worthy of posting on Facebook. And a tip for using the app would be to be careful to turn it off if not using the app because if it rings in a class or meeting, turning it off won't be as easy as pushing a button. 

Overall the app is a creative take and mix of the busy alarm life and facebook lives that many people live. Download it Here. The smartphone application is FREE and is brought to you from the developers at Midnight Troop. What an Appropriate name.

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