Saturday 7 July 2012

Voice Answer Free: Another Jab at Siri

Ever since the Apple iphone 4S has introduced Siri to the world, plenty of apps have come out trying to replicate it's abilities. I have tested a couple and have now come across Voice Answer Free. It's presentation and annunciation seems to be more advanced than your average voice controlled phone application. The robot lady, Eve, reminds me of the "i, Robot" Movie staring Will Smith.

Her voice is clearer that others I have heard. Conversations with Eve are easy to see and read. Directions are simple. Push the button and talk. Play music, set up meetings and appointments, send text messages and more.

There is a video demo on the Google Play listing for the app that demonstrates some of the things that Eve can do and say. Lots of details were put into making Eve look nice and technological. Voice Answer is brought to you by the developers at Sparking Apps, listed as "sparklingapps" on Google Play.

Although the app is still young, it has a very strong start. It already has one of the best looks and sounds. I've only tried the FREE version of the App which is stated to be less powerful than the paid version. The Trial version catches almost all of the words I say, just that it doesn't understand the meaning of what I am saying. Unless I have gotten better with my English, Voice Answer has one of the best word recognition systems out there for Android. With an increased knowledge base the Free Version may be even more appealing. We look forward to the growth and development of the Free version to give users a better taste of the full version.

Download it here. Test it out, and see how you like it compared to others. Have Fun. Let us know what you think.

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