Saturday 7 July 2012

New type of Tetris Inspired Puzzler


Tetrizzle is bringing some Tetris inspired puzzling to our Android review machine these last few days. We're not talking a Tetris clone though, as the similarity to the gameplay begins and ends with Tetrominoes being the playing piece of choice in this Android puzzle game. Of course more spurious connections between addictiveness and unputdownability can also be made.

Tetris inspired but a whole lot more
The first thing that strikes us about Tetrizzle is the bright and bold screen that loads at first , a gorgeous introduction to the puzzle game which is very attractive on a Samsung Galaxy S3 near HD screen. The apps blurb describes the graphics as high resolution, an attribute that really adds to the game. Two game modes, Puzzle Mode and Arcade Game await. In a neat twist Puzzle mode has various difficulties that can be unlocked as you get better at the tile matching. Tile matching is a phrase that is a bit misleading though as you use the matched colours to get closer and eventually connect to the Tetrizzle Core-this of course clears the row and gains points. Clear and forward thinking is needed in Puzzle mode as it can be all too easy to block the core and effectively end the moves you have. Handy powerups such as the color changer can also be earned by good puzzling and employed to help clear the board. As a puzzle game idea Tetrizzle works very well and when combined with the high res graphics makes for a fun gaming session.
Android puzzle app with
Puzzle and arcade mode. Great
High res graphics.

Switch across to the Arcade mode though and the tempo is upped as snap decisions need to be made as the tetrominoes come at you thick and fast. Another nice way that the game progresses is by the gradual unlocking of more puzzle pieces up to a maximum of 18.

Combine this new generation type of puzzling with Playphone Networking and high scores and a variety of well thought out achievements to gain and the stamp of " Best Puzzle game 2012" that is emblazoned on the Google Play download doesn't seem unfeasible.
Tetrizzle on Google Play

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