Sunday 22 July 2012

Smartphone Friendly Fashion

It's amazing how much our technology has transformed the way that we wear fashion. Aside from the matching purses and iPhone skins that are a woman's staple de rigeur fashion even more fashion decisions are informed by our need to keep our modern smartphones close and protected.

Gadget Friendly clothing
iPad Fashion Failure
Just a few years ago Manbags were unheard of for the average Joe Bloggs. Now with the need to carry Ipad's ; Nintendo DS's; PS Vita's and a Smartphone of Choice (notice Laptops are off the list as simply nobody bothers with that old tech any more) a manbag for your gadgets is more than acceptable.

And when you think about it even simple clothing choices, such as the need to have deep and secure pockets to keep your phone in are part of our day to day choices. 

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