Sunday 22 July 2012

When Google Maps go Wrong

Google Maps Fail
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has quickly gained a reputation for having one of the longest lasting Smartphones batteries currently on the market. So with this in mind I was willing to experiment a bit more with my Android  phone's functions. Previously with the Xperia Play that I was using, battery life was quite run of the mill; so to save on the juice I, as many other Android users would do, turn off all unnecessary features when leaving the house. 
That means Wi-Fi off; backlight to low and GPS to off. GPS being one of the biggest battery wasters on phones. However with the 2100 mAh battery in the S3 I wanted to just leave everything on and go off and experiment. I especially loved Google Maps feature of tracking your location history and then giving you a graph of how long you spent at work, at home etc. Great; nifty gadget and just a modern wonder that doesn't really do much, but being an owner of a premier gadget phone I'm all up for a bit of fun.

 Does Location History on Google Maps work though? Well in one week I travelled 3000 miles and visited carpet cleaners chapel hill nc three times (despite not leaving England and not going more than a few miles in a day)! Google Maps Location History FAIL!

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