Thursday 2 August 2012

Falling Moron Test : tease your brain

      Looking for another app to tease and test your brain? Falling Moron Test is here to fill that role. With lots of tricks and crazy tasks for you to complete, some of these mind tricks are sure to get you. These tests are FREE. Read the directions carefully for each part or you'll likely fail. The app has over 50,000 installs and an average rating of 4.2 on Google Play. The ads don't get in the way during gameplay, only before and after(between levels). The music is friendly and calm. I don't want to go into too much detail on the gameplay because that will be taking away from the experience of playing the game.
 Places that Force Close
- Section 1 force closes on me almost always
- After a difference screen in Section 2
- After a  Chickens section in Section 4,
- After a capture in section 5,
 but the rest seems to work which still allows me to have fun and do some teasing.

A Heads Up
On start up the app installs two shortcuts into your homescreen. These shortcuts are a way for the application to be free. You can delete these and they won't affect your gameplay.

Suggestions (not necessarily fixes but for further expansion of the app)
I suggest a score based on your time and performance, although your time can be really fast based on just retrying and touching the answers without reading the directions for each screen. A "RETRY" button would be greatly appreciated. There are CHECKPOINTS where you can continue from, but if you haven't reached that checkpoint, you have to go to the menu to select a level and try again. Not too inconvenient, but after I fail a test the screen tells me to "Try Again" in really big letters. I keep feeling that it would be natural for those words to be a button so I can quickly get to testing myself. Some tasks seem to need time limits, and others don't. If there were hundreds of tests then maybe a versus modes can be made. That will allow one to test ones reading, reaction, and ability to follow directions against another person (given that they have both played the app equally). And although playable, the blue background in the video on Google Play doesn't look like the brown line paper background in the app. -Make it so the Home button and the Checkpoint buttons are displayed at least almost fully on the game over screen. As of now you can't even see the whole words without scrolling which shouldn't be necessary if not more is going to be shown after sliding down.

The animals look too cute to be in an application with "Moron Test" in it's name.  Are you brave enough to take the challenges? Fair warning, you may find yourself addicted. If you develop an addiction to the app, you can thank the developers at Wahid Connected, not the Gametrender writer who wrote this article.

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