Monday 1 October 2012

When Did I (App to help you Keep Track)

  Are you disorganized and need some order in your life? This app may be able to help you. The app is called WhenDidI - Event Logger. It keeps track of the number of times you did a certain event. There are a few default topics or types of events, but you can add your own custom named events with customized units too. You can Create widgets on your home screen for each individual event for easy access. This enables you to not have to access the main menu to reach that event for input. Another unique feature this app possess is the ability to take your event, and graphically display them in a bar graph (chart). Choose to display the information in weeks, months, or years.

 The visuals and navigation are neat and smooth.    

These are the default events, Cross Trainer, Haircut, Petrol, and Work Lunch.

These screenshots from Google Play were accurately chosen by the developer to show how the app looks like.

 Yeah it's using the Metric System, so Americans might want to create Miles and Gallons measurements.

Since the WhenDidI - Event Logger app has fully customizable events and units, one could even use the app for a countless variety of other activities such as keeping track of the amount of win and loss from each bet(Fantasy Football or any other sporting events anyone?). You can download the Lite version for FREE at Google Play. It allows you to have up to 30 events. Seems like a reasonable amount of free taste testing. The full version only costs a little more than free at $1.99. The way the app is organized is good and seems natural. Usually these event apps take just as long as setting up a default alarm that the point of the app isn't really helpful, but this apps flows nice and does a good job of keeping track of different types of events. It isn't used for the same purpose as a stock alarm app. Alarm apps don't add up and list things for you like the When Did I app does. Give the free version a try, it may be something you didn't know you were looking for. Add a little of friendliness and decrease chaos in your busy scheduled life.

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