Monday 24 September 2012

Google Maps for iOS 6

Google Map next to Apple map
Google Maps vs Apple Maps
I want to use Google Maps on my iOS 6 iDevice has been a rallying cry across the internet over the last few days . So how do you replace the Apple Maps App on your new iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 using device?
How to use Google Maps in iOS 6

  • Go to on your iPhone 5

  • Give Google permission to use your current location by pressing  okay on the notification permission .

  • Add this to you iPad or iPhone's Home Screen (select  the share icon in the lower menu bar and choose the "Add to Home Screen Icon", then click "Add" in the top right hand corner.

  • That's it you're using Google Maps on your iPhone 5 again. The icon that you've added lets you use Google Mapping in iOS 6 if you have access to the internet. 
Reasons to use Google Maps on your Apple Device
Despite Apple putting a lot of effort into their maps app there has been an almost universal clamour against the nav enabled new addition to their iOS. Some claims have even gone as far as dubbing the app dangerous! Google Maps still provides a slicker experience, the indoor views of many locations are unparalleled and Google's multi sourced info about businesses and areas is still superior. Apple has been quick to point out that their cartography is crowd sourced and will be continually improved. The above steps to use Google Maps on an updated phone or iPad are of course temporary and Google's dedicated Mapping app is apparently going through app store approval as we speak.


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