Sunday 23 September 2012

Making the iPad Business Friendly

iPad Cases for business use
With all the upcoming developer and gaming conferences that we've got coming up (anybody else going to AppsWorld in London next week?) we're increasingly having to adapt our iPad usage from being 70 percent Gaming machine versus 30 percent Business (this popular app and gaming blog number amongst the business uses) to a slant more towards a business Pad.

I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of using MS Office functions (Powerpoint included-check out CloudOn for a small headsup) but going to keep this post simple and look more at the functional side of using an iPad as a business device.

Primarily what I'm considering is the best cases to transform your iDevice into a slick note taking do everything, go anywhere device. At the moment the SmartCover that I'm using simply doesn't cut it.After a lot of research into probably over a hundred different iPad cases the one that I'll be choosing for all my business needs comes from HappyOwlStudio. Their memory foam topper protective wrapping , "The Clutch" should fit most business needs. being not only a case but also a folio and a multitude of pouches for many devices, mobile phones, pens etc. it looks to be the most versatile of iPad cases.


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