Tuesday 11 September 2012

Little Big Planet comes to iPad and iPhone

Fans of Little Big Planet rejoice, LBP is finally available on iOS-sort of.  LBP Hub is a companion app for Little Big that has just been released on the AppStore. With the PsVita release of LBP imminent it is no surprise that the creators are once again trying to stimulate the community into creating and becoming engrossed once again in Sackboy's marvellous world.
However surprisingly it's not Playstation who have released this app but merely a devoted fan of the games . Billed as an aggregator for Little Big Planet it serves a very useful purpose in keeping track of all the many levels, creators and updates of the popular game. Bearing in mind that so many levels have been created by devoted fans in the past it is quite easy to find a favourite creator and then lose track of them. One of the standout features of this Little Big Planet app is that it will send you notifications when favourite creators release new material.

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